Greatest Hits

A quick look at some of my favorite restaurants…

  • ABC Kitchen, New York, NY.  Dan is an amazing cook. His ever-changing menu continually surprises and delights.
  • Cotogna, San Francisco, CA.  Whenever I’m in San Francisco, I make a point of stopping here. It’s a great place to sit solo at the bar and enjoy a great meal.
  • Chengdu 1, Cedar Grove, NJ.  This place has amazing Szechuan cuisine. Don’t miss the specials, which change daily and are posted on the wall.
  • Daniel, New York, NY.  Incredible food, impeccable service, warm hospitality – this is a four-star restaurant in every sense of the meaning.
  • Maialino, New York, NY.  A sister restaurant to North End Grill, Chef Nick Anderer and team have created a truly remarkable Roman trattoria on Gramercy Park. The pastas are wonderful, and if you go with a group, be sure to order the “Maialino al forno” (roast suckling pig) to share.
  • Dosa Hutt, 45-65 Bowne Street , Flushing, NY.  This no-frills spot features a very limited of excellent, well-executed dosas, idlis and wada.

Favorite Ingredients

  • Oxtail – It’s rich flavor and relatively inexpensive price-point give it a great value. You should be aware that whenever you’re making a meal with oxtail,  it’s important to plan ahead, as it requires a decent amount of cooking time.
  • Eggs – Versatility in a shell. This is the only protein source I enjoy at least two times a week, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Indian Coriander Seed – Very different flavor (slightly citrusy) that I find works well with fish or meat.
  • Pasilla de Oaxaca – These smoked Mexican chili peppers have some heat, and add a level of subtle complexity to many dishes.
  • Black Pepper – A must in every dish I make. Always purchase whole (never pre-ground) and grind as needed.

Equipment Must-Haves

  • Coffee Grinder – This is the best way to grind spices.
  • Pepper Mill – I recommend Peugeot or Vic Firth.
  • Pressure Cooker – This amazing piece of equipment speeds up cooking time for anything from beans to tougher cuts of meat.
  • Grater – The OXO Good Grips is the best I’ve encountered.

Who I’m Rooting For (Always!)

  • NY Giants
  • NY Mets